Corporate Wellness

Taking greater responsibility for the health of their employees is something that more and more businesses are doing these days.  Not only does this ensure that you are far more likely to retain happy and healthy staff, it also helps to improve staff productivity too.

There are a number of ways in which you can take advantage of Corporate Wellness Programs from Thrive Health & Performance

Short Seminars

From 1-2 hours in duration, your team or office can benefit from seminars or interactive workshops on a variety of key areas, such as

  • The Simple Stress Solution: 5 Strategies to Reduce your Stress

  • Key Concepts in Nutrition - Nutrient Density vs Caloric Density

  • Key Concepts in Nutrition - Food & Mood Journalling for Sustainable Weight Loss

  • Key Concepts in Nutrition - Clean Eating Made Easy

  • Back Pain & Posture - Lecture with optional interactive movement workshop

  • Is Lack of Sleep Making You Fat?

  • Meditation Basics to Balance Your Energy & Mood

ONline Courses

For more in depth training that works around the schedule of your employees, Online Health Coaching Courses are ideal.  Courses can be customised to the needs of your team with online only; online with weekly group coaching calls; or online with additional 1-2-1 private coaching as required.

  • The Health Lab - a complete 10-week Holistic Health Coaching Course which covers every aspect of Health & Wellbeing structured in a way that is easy to follow, fun, and provides information that is actually easy to implement. 
    With a focus on sustainability, students learn which areas they need to prioritise in their own health, how to stay motivated, and how each aspect of health affects the others.
    You learn more about The Health Lab, and view client testimonials here
  • Cardio Amnesty - a 12-Week Workout Programme that will take your employees through a progressive plan to increase their flexibility, posture, strength, and reduce their body fat levels. 
    No matter what level of fitness you are at, Cardio Amnesty provides a structure that fits you.
    You can learn more about 'Cardio Amnesty' here.

Bespoke Wellness programs

Here at Thrive Health & Performance we want to provide a service that fits your needs, and those of your employees. With this in mind, feel free to contact us to arrange a chat about how we can help you design a program that fits you.