Online Health Coaching

"Take back your health, energy, vitality, and LIFE again with expert health & lifestyle coaching!"

Imagine if you had a magic wand.  What 3 aspects of your health, or the way you feel would you improve?

Well, I'm here to tell you that you REALLY CAN do it!

Not by waving a magic wand, but instead, by having me guide you through how simple but effective nutrition and lifestyle changes impact your health and wellbeing on a day-to-day basis.

I often get asked, what exactly does Online Health Coaching involve?  I will guide you through the following process:

  • Assessment - With my specially developed assessments, we can figure out which areas of your health are a priority for you.  Does your digestive system work effectively?  Is your Liver under stress?  Are your adrenal glands taking a lot of punishment?  Are you really sleeping as well as you think?
  • Goal Setting & Getting Leverage - These are two KEY aspects of your coaching.  Once we have completed your assessment, we can discuss where the most important areas lie for you and your health.  We will discuss how much time you have to work on these areas, and where to actually start. Often this is with seemingly small and simple tasks, but this allows us to build your confidence and decision making ability.  Even still, these small tasks accumulate to create HUGE changes!
    Getting leverage is really about finding your BIG WHY!  Why do you HAVE to change, and improve. What will happen if you continue the way you are going? It's also about helping you visualise how you would feel having already accomplished your goals, and what is driving you towards these goals. 
  • Stress Coaching - Stress is a HUGE area when it comes to our health & wellbeing. It's also a very misunderstood area!  There are many factors that contribute to our total stress and how this manifests itself.  With my in depth stress assessments, we can get to work on targeting the most important areas right away.
  • Nutrition Coaching - This is the area that makes probably the BIGGEST difference to my average client.  We really are what we eat and, unfortunately, many of us just don't know what we should be eating, how much, and in what proportions.  There is so much contradictory nutrition advice out there, that it is HUGELY important to have some coaching in this area.
  • Exercise - Understanding how much exercise you should be doing is not always straightforward. Together, we will figure out how much time you have to exercise, and I will help you decide on what types of exercise will be most effective for you, and also, the most fun!
  • Progress Tracking & Review - I will be there for you to have weekly progress checks, to find out what is working, as well as what we may need to tweak. Constant course corrections ensure we end up at the right place!

After many years of coaching clients in these areas, I have developed an amazing system that allows me to coach clients from anywhere, and in a manner that is very efficient, and fits around you and your time commitments.

This system now takes the form of a 10 Week Online Course called 'The Health Lab'   You can read more about The Health Lab by clicking here.  You will be able read more detail about the course content, and you even see video testimonials from some of my previous clients.

You can also register for the course too

If you have any further questions about the course, or to check it will be right for you, simply contact me to arrange a chat.  I will try to answer all of your qurestions, and hopefully, if you are a good fit, to register you, and get you moving towards better health and wellbeing as soon as possible.